Course Overview

This Aerial Platform online course instructs how to reduce the risks associated with straight telescoping, articulating and scissor lift aerial platforms by teaching industry based safe operating procedures. This course complies with OSHA/ANSI/ASME standards (like: ANSI standards A92.5 and A92.6) for theory training.

The purpose of this training is help you to work in a safe and professional manner.

Reference Standard

The training is designed as per applicable ASME/ANSI/OSHA regulations.

At the end of the course, the participants will:

  • Different regulations applicable in areal platform
  • Understand the basic concepts, classifications and mechanism of areal platforms
  • Learn standard operating procedures applicable to aerial lifts
  • To know the safety rules and precautions pertaining to Areal Platform Operations.
  • Be able to perform visual inspection prior to operating a man lifting device.
  • Be familiar with actual operation of Areal Platform.
  • To understand all the emergency related safety associated with Areal Platform.

Eligible Candidates

The training is designed for the personnel engaged in the design, maintenance, use and operation of AWPs (Aerial Work Platforms) or anybody involved with AWPs operations.

Course Duration

1 day, 6 hours

Course Content

  • Applicable industrial regulations in Areal Platform
  • Basic concepts of areal platform and mechanism of areal platforms
  • Types of Aerial Platforms and Their Components
  • Scissor Lifts Components
  • Operational Hazards
  • Factors That Impact Machine Stability
  • Walk Around Inspections and Function Tests
  • Aerial Platform Attachments and Modifications
  • Responsibilities as an Aerial Platform Operator
  • Safe Start-up, Operation, Shutdown, and Fuelling Procedures

Course Assessment

The assessment will be practical and written for the certification as per OSHA regulations

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