This Emergency first Aid Training Course is suitable for anyone who might have to respond to emergencies in the home, workplace or in the community. This emergency first aid training course will also enable learners to act as a back up to qualified Occupational First Aiders in the workplace. Participants will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to use a range of practical basic first aid skills which will enable them to deal competently and confidently with common injuries and illnesses. Learners will also be trained in the basic techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and the action to take in the event of a person choking.


  • Basic functions of body & how the body works Recognition
  • The treatment of life threatening ailments
  • Common Types of Injury and the Results
  • Recognizing the States of Unconsciousness
  • The Dangers of Being Unconscious
  • A B C of resuscitation (theory and practical)
  • Abdominal Thrust
  • Angina Recognition
  • Recognition of a Cardiac Arrest
  • Recovery position
  • Shock, Shock Recognition & Treatment
  • Bleeding, Foreign object & Treatment
  • Treatment of common injuries
  • Heat Stroke, Hypothermia & Fractures
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