Course Overview

We believe that all people are entitled to the same level of protection regardless of where in the world they work. To ensure a consistent approach to safeguarding Health, Safety, Environment and Security we have developed HSE awareness course. Oil and Gas industry have a lots of risk involved in various operations. This course will be helpful for all the crew members and working professionals in oil and gas industry.

Course Objective

  • Identifies key features of HSE management process rules which you must understand and comply with, if Oil and Gas is to achieve consistent HSE objectives
  • Tells you about the Group’s HSE goals, objectives and culture
  • Provides an overview of how Oil and Gas expects you to work safely using the processes which form the elements of our Management System
  • Lists issues concerning your safety with which you need to become familiar when you join a worksite
  • Identifies Oil and Gas collective responsibilities and the role of the HSE departments with regards to HSE anagement
  • Empowers you to address unsafe conditions in your work place or to stop unsafe behavior by work colleagues
  • Promotes the reporting of all near miss incidents, damage, illnesses and injuries so that Oil and Gas can learn from any mistakes and make improvements
  • Provides lists of topics to help you assess the risks associated with work tasks and to assist you when involved in toolbox talks or similar
  • Leads you in maintaining your security by listing the key security actions you should take People who are new to Oil and Gas may be unfamiliar with how Oil and Gas manages HSE in their working environment.
Please do not hesitate to ask your supervisor to explain anything you are unsure about or tell you more about HSE


General health and safety awareness
Proactive and reactive health & safety monitoring
Safety Policies
Accident / Incident reporting
Health Surveillance
Personal Protective Equipment
Fire & First Aid
Substances at work
Principles of risk assessment
Reasons for using risk assessment
Hazards, risks and control measures
Risk assessment in practice
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