Through the last few decades, there is an increase in occupational accidents figures in different workplaces around the world. A number of causes contribute to these accidents but one of the main causes of these accidents is human error. Human error is an improper decision or behavior of any worker in the workplace which leads to a negative impact on the workplace. In other words, it is an act which creates an emergency situation, causes loss of lives, damages property and environment, and hampers the economic activities of any workplace. In the case of Oil and Gas (O&G) industry, human error constitutes as the largest contributor of over 70% of all accidents. As O&G industry deals with a variety of risky chemicals and operations, the costs of these accidents are too high to the employees, workplace, economy and society. Few studies have paid attention to human error issue particularly within O&G industry. Therefore, considering human error related accidents within O&G industry is becoming an important global concern. Thus, the aim of this paper is to highlight the role of human error in accidents within O&G industry. This will be done through an extensive review of literature. Paper will provide a definition on human error in general and in O&G industry and discuss main causes that lead to human error related accidents. Study will consider Bahrain O&G industry as a case study and explore some recommendations that help in reducing the occurrence of human error related accidents.


Offshore workers
Physical hazards
High temperatures
Ergonomic hazards
Biological hazards
Communicable diseases
Chemical hazards
Personal protective equipment and clothing
Assessment of occupational risks and hazards
Training for labour inspectors
Health risk assessment and planning
Industrial hygiene and control of workplace
exposures Medical emergency management
Fitness for task assessment and health surveillance
Health impact assessment Health impact
assessment Health reporting and record
management (no indicators) Public health interface
and health promotion
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