Rig inspection workshop for land rigs teaches the inspection and maintenance procedures required to ensure equipment integrity on land rigs. Candidates learn to implement the relevant standards and understand industry requirements so that they can verify the condition of a rig’s equipment and improve safety, thus reducing the number of accidents and protecting the asset.


  • Independently carry out a basic (visual)rig inspection
  • Describe the main inspection criteria for major equipment
  • Identify major items that have an impact on the safety and operation of a rig
  • Recognize the indicators of the overall condition of a drilling rig
  • List the relevant standards and their implications for drilling equipment
  • Understand the basics of atex (equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres) certified electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres installed in hazardous areas
  • Evaluate basic maintenance and inspection procedures on the rig to identify compliance with good working practices and industry standards
  • Understand the basics of well control equipment operation

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