Course Overview

The objective of the course is to prepare learners to progress into further/higher level training and is designed to provide learners with an awareness of the benefits of risk assessment in any environment.

The qualification provides learners with an understanding of the responsibilities of employers; the main causes and costs of work-related fatalities, injuries and ill-health; the role of risk assessment in the prevention of accidents and ill-health; the requirements of a risk assessment; a process for undertaking a risk assessment; and a method to evaluate risk.

Eligible Candidates:

Our course is suitable for anyone with responsibility for undertaking risk assessments, particularly line managers, supervisors and safety representatives. Delegates in any sector can undertake this training; risk assessments are not industry specific.

At the end of the course, the participants will:
  • Meet legal duties to carry out 'suitable and sufficient' risk assessments
  • Understand the importance of risk assessments
  • Understand the principles of controlling risks
  • Understand how a risk assessment is undertaken.
  • This one-day risk assessment training course puts the emphasis on practical exercises
  • This risk assessment training will help your business to comply with the law

Course Duration

1 day, 6 hours

Course Content

These include why risk assessments are necessary for ensuring health and safety standards in the workplace and the principles of risk assessment.
The course covers:
  • Objectives of risk assessments
  • An introduction to risk assessment
  • The main causes of work-related fatalities, injuries and ill health
  • The moral, legal and economic reasons for preventing accidents and ill health at work
  • Key terms associated with risk assessment in the context of health and safety at work including: accident, near miss, accident triangle, hazard, risk, risk assessment, risk control hierarchy, suitable and sufficient, competence
  • The five stages of risk assessment
  • The role of risk assessment in accident and ill health prevention
  • Legal requirements
  • Assessment

Course Assessment

Written assessment task completed after the course testing knowledge and understanding of the course.

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