Basic Fire Safety

Basic Fire Safety

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Basic Fire Safety


Fire is the most common hazard for any workplace whether it is a large manufacturing plant or a processing plant or a high rise building full of employees or even a public place like a metro station or an airport or a mall. It is a legal requirement for every employer to ensure that the workplace is safe from all fire hazards and the employees are well protected in case of any fire incident occurs. Unfortunately, employers are sometimes unaware of their legal duties or are negligent towards it. Fire incidents may have huge consequences for the organization, apart from stoppage of work; it could also rise legal complications for the employer which can include huge fines and/ or imprisonment and even withdrawal of their license to operate the facility. All these kinds of untoward incidences could be prevented, if place is provided with a fire control mechanism and employees have knowledge on firefighting. This is where, adequate training on fire safety should be provided to the employees at regular intervals.    

Legal Training requirement / Obligation on employer
  • NFPA 10   standard for portable FE 
  • NFPA 17   Standard for DC Extinguishing system etc

Training Course Content
  • What is Fire?
  • Combustion process.
  • Heat Transfer.
  • Source of Ignition.
  • Classification of Fire.
  • Classification of Fire Extinguisher.
  • Anatomy of FE.
  • Method for Extinguishing fire.
  • How to use Fire Extinguishing and Raise alarm?
  • Precaution while Extinguishing FE.

Learning outcomes of Training
  • Fire prevention in general.
  • General understanding of Fire and FE.
  • Necessary action to initiate upon discovering a fire.
  • Method of raising alarm.
  • How to identify and use of firefighting equipment.
  • Evacuation procedure and Knowledge on escape.

Who should attend Training 

Every personnel in the organization.
Benefits of the training

Industries or organizations would be ensured for a carefully designed system to ensure safety of life and property from the explosive forces. Again, they would better understand the fire safety approach which is beneficial from the perspective of fire safety as well as sustainability.

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