Advanced Drilling Engineering

Advanced Drilling Engineering

3 Days
Certifying Authority
Advanced Drilling Engineering


This course is designed to understand the principles and practices of advanced drilling engineering, enabling participants to decide which technology is most appropriate for field operations in drilling.

The module comprises a detailed discussion on High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) drilling, modern drilling technologies (i.e. casing drilling, unconventional drilling methods), special well design, drilling problems and their solutions. The latest drilling techniques such as casing drilling or coiled tubing drilling are also covered as are tools and techniques used in casing or tubing drilling such as surface equipment, bottomhole assemblies (BHA), etc. 

By the end of this course, participants will learn about:
  • What is Drill string mechanics: loads, cause of failure, design concepts
  • What are the mechanism of drilling operations: make-up of tubular, mechanised drilling rigs
  • How to detect drilling problems and its remedies: stuck pipe situations, fishing operations
  • Which scenario needs advanced drilling technologies - casing drilling, HPHT, coiled tubing drilling
  • How to select proper drilling technology for shale gas, geothermal drilling, etc.
  • What are non-conventional drilling methods and equipment including environmental aspects of drilling activities
  • How to drill through gas hydrates 

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