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The term ergonomics origins from the Greek words “ergon” and “nomos”, which means work and rules respectively. Good ergonomic practices remove incompatibilities between the work and the worker, creating an optimal work environment. Any organization in which Ergonomic habits are correctly selected and practiced, will result in avoiding unnecessary fatigue, maintaining freshness and health for people which is beneficial to employers in terms of increased productivity and high credibility.

Training Course Content
  • What is Ergonomics. 
  • Type of Exercise needed. 
  • Scope, application, Purpose.
  • Identification of ergonomic problems at the workstation level.
  • How to minimize the ergonomics risk and hazards.
  • Knowledge on increasing efficiency. 

Learning outcomes of Training
  • Establishment of workplace ergonomics. 
  • Introduction of basic knowledge to recognize & control ergonomics hazards
  • Introducing ergonomic exercises
  • Maximizing productivity and efficiency while minimizing injuries/illness 
  • Knowledge on correct and effective use of the tools as well as of equipment’s.
  • Implementation of control measures to hazards.

Who should attend Training
For all the personnel to ensure performing of safer jobs, while reduction in injuries to workers, supervisors, engineers, managers, administrators, helpers etc.

Benefit of Training 

Ergonomics training leads to safe work culture, high morale, increased productivity with greater practical guidance which helps employees to prosper and develop their careers while providing employers with a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage.

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