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In performing every day activities, we utilize different chemicals in the workplace to produce our products and do our jobs. Use of such materials can be hazardous to health and safety, unless we take proper precautions while handling them. In this session we will discuss the steps that can be taken to safely handle the materials at workplace so that accidents, injuries, and environmental damage can be prevented. Chemical have become a part of our life, every substance has chemical infused in it, proper knowledge of these chemicals can be very effective.

Legal Training requirement / Obligation on employer
  • 29 CFR 1910.1200, the Hazard Communication Standard (OSHA)

Training Course Content
  • Categories of Hazardous Chemical.
  • Physical state of Hazardous Chemical.
  • How to handle chemical Properly.
  • Route of Exposure.
  • Symptom of Possible overexposure.
  • Incompatible chemicals.
  • Handling of Hazardous chemical.
  • Transport of Hazardous chemical.
  • Storage of Hazardous Chemical.
  • Identification of Hazardous Chemical.
  • Emergency Drill handling of Hazardous chemical.
  • MSDS.
  • First Aid.
Learning outcomes of Training
  • Awareness of chemical and its various physical form
  • Classification of hazardous substance at work-place.
  • Awareness regarding hazardous activity and its elimination.
  • Exposure controls.
  • Emergency Preparedness.
  • Compliance of Rules and regulations.

Who should attend Training 
Employee who are completing assessments of hazardous chemicals and implementing controls, maintenance, operation, Manager, Worker, Store-keeper along with HSE personnel.      

Benefits of the training

Training would create awareness and reduce the accidents, incidents, spillage and control of any spill. Reduce the Fire related accident and improve the productivity.

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