IWCF - Level 4

IWCF - Level 4

5 Days
Certifying Authority
IWCF - Level 4


The IWCF Level 4 Well Control course provides candidates with an advanced understanding of well control principles, practices, and equipment to gain the necessary knowledge required to apply safe Well Control practices in surface and subsea installations. Emphasis on policies and specific procedures will form a major part of the course structure.
A combination of theory, discussion, and practical simulator exercises are used to optimize learning, and the needs of individual candidates are identified and addressed to ensure all participants reach their potential.

Some of the many benefits of this course:
  • Emphasis on problem-solving and ‘Best Practice’.
  • Enhancement of Well Bore Pressure understanding and Well control equipment functionality.
Candidates will be required to sit two written assessments and one practical assessment using simulator equipment. Candidates must achieve 70% in all three assessment components to be successfully certified. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

  • Well Control Procedures and Responsibilities
  • Pressure Regimes – Subnormal, Normal and Abnormal
  • Primary Well Control•Formation Fracture Pressure - LOT/FIT, MAASP, MAMW
  • SCR’s and CLFL’s
  • Annular Pressure Losses, ECD
  • Top Hole Drilling, Shallow Gas, Diverting, Riserless Drilling
  • Causes of Kicks
  • Kick Indicators and Warning Signs
  • Gas Behaviour – Circulating, Migration, and Solubility
  • Secondary Well Control, Shut-In Procedures API RP59 and Company
  • Permeability and Porosity•Kill Methods – Drillers, Weight and Wait, and Volumetric - Theory and practical
  • Other Kill Methods Presented and explained•Well Control Problems
  • Impermeable Gas Cap
  • Riser Margin and Riser Collapse
  • Accumulator Unit – Components / Function, API RP 53
  • Annular Preventers – Components / Function
  • Ram Preventers / Locking Devices / Piston Rod Mud Seal, Opening and closing Ratios, Ram Assemblies
  • Subsea Marine Riser Assembly
  • Indirect Hydraulic Subsea Bop System
  • Minimum BOP Requirements
  • Mug Gas Separator / Liquid Mud Seal
  • Safety Valves – FOSV, IBOP, Dart & Dart Sub, Float Valves
  • Diverters
  • Well Control Equipment – Minimum Closing Times and TestingRequirements
  • Well Integrity / Double Barriers

Course Duration: 5 Days
  • Classroom Training: 4 Days, 8 Hours Per day
  • 5th Day Assessment for Certification

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